Board of Directors

Monthly board meetings are normally scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month (subject to occasional schedule changes) beginning at 6:00 PM in the library of The Vanguard School high school building, 1605 S. Corona Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80905.

The board holds working sessions at 5:00 PM on the evening prior to public session, and on the first Tuesday of each month from 5:00-7:30 PM in the Vanguard Conference Room.  These meetings are open to the public and are used to review policies, facility issues, etc, of a public session.  If you are interested in attending a working session, please contact Sharon Pighetti via E-Mail ( in case there is a late schedule change.

To view the minutes from previous Vanguard School board meetings, click on the link to the left labeled "Board Meeting Minutes."

Next Monthly Board Meeting:

March 20, 2018
**Public Session: 6:00 P.M.**
Location: High School Building - Library
(Corona Campus)

Future Meeting Dates (2018):

April 17
May 15
June 19

Sample Meeting Agenda
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Board Composition and Elections - General Information

The Vanguard School Board of Directors is a governing board consisting of five voting members.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:
  • Three directors must be residents of Cheyenne Mountain School District, D-12.
  • Four of the directors, including either out-of-district director, if any, must be parents or legal guardians who have enrolled at The Vanguard School 50% or more of their children who are eligible to attend.
  • The remaining director shall be a resident of D-12 who either has no eligible children or who has 50% or more of his eligible children enrolled at The Vanguard School.   
Annual elections are held during the fourth quarter of each school year. Governing board members are elected  by a vote of the parents for staggered three-year terms.  The seat of Matt Hughes is up for election in May 2018.  The seats of Bryan Campbell and Dan Geoffroy are up for election in May 2019.  

All candidates for the governing board must have attended the entire public session of at least three board meetings in the twelve months preceding the election prior to the date of candidate verification for eligibility.

The board encourages those interested in running for a seat to familiarize themselves with the following materials:
  • Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong by William Kilpatrick
  • The Schools We Need: And Why We Don't Have Them by E. D. Hirsch
  • "Waiting for Superman" (movie)

The focus of the board is to:
  • uphold the school's mission and vision
  • provide financial oversight ensuring the maintenance of adequate resources
  • ensure the school is operating legally and ethically
  • enhance the school’s public standing
  • monitor and strengthen programs and services
  • support and evaluate the school’s executive director
The members of the Vanguard Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 school year are listed here.  You may view board member biographies by clicking here. To contact a board member via email, click on a name below.  For more information about the board, including its governing documents and resources, please click here.

Mr. Dan Geoffroy
Vice President
Mr. Matt Hughes
Mrs. Rene Chatham
Mr. Bryan Campbell