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Sample Lunch Menu
(from May 2017)

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CMCA/Vanguard School Lunch ProgramWe are excited to offer a quality lunch program for our 4th through 12th grade students (located on the Corona Campus). We contract with Colorado Springs School District 11 to provide a variety of nutritious hot and cold lunch options.

Lunch menus are posted here on this page as they become available. Additionally, paper copies of menus for 4th through 6th graders are typically sent home in the students' Friday Folders, and paper copies of menus for 7th through 12th graders are posted at the junior high and high school front offices, as well as in the cafetorium in the high school building.

The Vanguard School's 4th-7th grade students enjoy lunch in "The Box" (multi-purpose room) choosing one of two daily lunch entrées. Each entrée includes an unlimited salad bar and choice of milk.

The 8th through 12th grade students have their lunchtime periods in The Vanguard School's high school building cafetorium with a variety of entrées from which to choose. Each entrée includes an unlimited salad bar and choice of milk.

The cost of daily lunches for 4th & 5th grade students is $2.35 per day.

The cost of daily lunches for 6th-8th grade students is $2.55 per day.

The cost of daily lunches for 9th-12th grade students is $2.75 per day.

As District 11 is managing the lunch program for our school, they are responsible for preparing and serving the food, collecting payments, and accepting free/reduced lunch applications.  A new item introduced this past year is the usage of lunch cards for all students. Instead of using a PIN number to access their lunch account, students swipe a lunch card.

Students in grades 4-7 eat in "The Box" (Corona Campus), and their cards are kept at the register each day. Students in grades 8-12 have been given their lunch cards to use in the cafetorium  (high school building), and it is their responsibility to keep the card safe. If a student loses his card, he should report the loss immediately to the lunch cashier and to the office.

All parents can pay for lunches by having their child submit money during checkout in the lunch line or by enrolling here. Signing up online allows you to not only pay for lunches, but also to view your child's meal history for all school lunches.

For more information on District 11 Food & Nutrition Services, visit their Web site at, check out their answers to frequently asked questions, and read testimonials from District 11 families and others excited about the value of the food program!

Also - check out the "Good Food Project!", making a difference in D-11 schools!

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The application will ask you to choose a school name.  Please choose one of the following school names:

Grade Level
School Name
4-6 Vanguard Elementary 4-6
7-8 Vanguard Middle School
9-12 Vanguard High School

If you have any questions concerning The Vanguard School Lunch Program, please contact Crystal Levesque by telephone at 719.471.1999, x257, or by E-Mail at

"Harvest of the Month"

Colorado Springs District 11 Food & Nutrition Services Department, in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Education, participates in the "Harvest of the Month" program.  Adult and kid-friendly recipes are available that feature a different produce item each month.

For May 2017, the item is...BERRIES!!!

Click here to view the "Harvest of the Month" recipes for May 2017. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format

Featured Article

Imagine you are visiting a berry patch…what is the feeling you get when you spy a ripe berry – one that the birds or someone else overlooked – still on the bush in the patch? Ha! There’s one! It’s hard to resist that small, bright tidbit because you know there’s going to be a yummy treat.

There are bunches of different kinds of berries in addition to our favorites which include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. We enjoy them raw, in baked goods, canned, juiced, preserved and dried. Pemmican, a mixture of meat (traditionally elk, moose, buffalo or deer), fat and berries, was invented long ago by the native peoples of North America as a source of quick energy and nutrition.

After picking a few berries take a look at your fingers. In addition to being used as food, the juice of berries can be used as a natural stain or dye. Blackberries, raspberries, black raspberries, dewberries, loganberries and thimbleberries all produce dye colors that were once used by Native Americans. In Hawaii, the native raspberry, called 'akala', has been used to make a dye with lavender and pink hues. Unripe green berries have been made into green dyes.

Berries are full of nutrients and are also known for their high levels of:
- anti-oxidants and vitamin C, which help keep you from being sick.
- fiber, which makes you feel fuller and helps keep your digestion working the way it should.

Of course you don’t have to visit a berry patch. Check out the variety of berries in the store or at a farmer’s market and enjoy!

Fruits & Veggies More Matters

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For more information on District 11 Food & Nutrition Services, visit their Web site at, check out their answers to frequently asked questions, and read testimonials from District 11 families and others excited about the value of the food program! 

Also - check out the "Good Food Project!", making a difference in D-11 schools!