College Counseling

College Preparation - Vanguard School

Monday-Friday, 7:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M.

719.471.1999 x256

CEEB Code:  060-249

Our Vision

We have created a public high school with a classically based,
college-preparatory curriculum designed to develop
academic excellence, virtue, and leadership.
Students will benefit by being fully-equipped
to gain admittance to and enjoy success in the college of their choice.

Vanguard School College Counseling Office Entrance College Counseling Session at The Vanguard School
Vanguard School College Counseling Office Entrance
College Counseling Session at The Vanguard School

The college counseling center partners with the entire school community in carrying out the vision of The Vanguard School.  This office works closely with the administration and teachers to assist students in thinking about their futures and making college choices based on their skills, interests, and aspirations.  The college counseling center provides opportunities and education to all students and parents concerning college searches, admissions, financial aid, and possible scholarship opportunities.

Counselor's Role
Counselors work closely with students starting their freshman year to help them understand our four-year graduation plan and to help them identify their individual interests, discuss career goals, and converse about the important factors in their individual college search.  We value the relationships we develop with students and their families, and we look forward to providing personal, positive, and appropriate assistance to our Vanguard community.

Our college counseling center is a great resource for:
  • visits from college admissions representatives.
  • ACT/SAT test preparation information.
  • financial aid and scholarship information.
  • Summer enrichment program information.
  • resource books on colleges and careers.

For more information on college counseling at The Vanguard School, please contact the Vanguard School college counselors Jill Custer or Avery McGlenn by email at  or