High School (9-12)

The Vanguard School, a top-performing high school in Colorado, is a Colorado Springs charter high school with a maximum enrollment of 400 students.

It provides students with a classical liberal arts and sciences college preparatory curriculum stressing the development of moral character, basic skills, and logical analysis. The Colorado Springs charter high school emphasizes daily the self-respect which results from a child’s academic accomplishment, proper conduct and regard for others. Students perform important, rigorous work in a well-structured and caring environment. Both their conduct and dress must support the school’s seriousness of purpose.  Every student is capable of achieving his potential to the fullest extent when afforded respect, fairness, kindness, discipline and appropriate instruction.

The Vanguard School's students have earned the highest ACT composite average in Colorado Springs! In addition, Vanguard has been consistently ranked at the top of the state based on CSAP/TCAP and in the nation (as reported by Newsweek and US News)! 

We expect our students to attend college, and we prepare them accordingly.  We offer over 10 courses in which students can earn college credit, and our college counseling program ensures students are on a path to success starting in ninth grade.  Each year, our graduating class is offered millions of dollars in scholarships.

What sets The Vanguard School apart:
  • Exceptional reading, writing, and math skills
  • Strong focus on virtue and leadership
  • Mastery of facts and skills
  • Emphasis on critical thinking
  • Focus on the classics and our country's Western heritage
  • A traditional, classical education
  • College preparatory program