What Is A Charter School?

young students at the Vanguard School listening attentively in class

A charter school is a publicly-funded independent school.  Parents, teachers, or community groups establish the school which is why it is also considered a “school of choice.”

The Vanguard School is a Public Charter School

The Vanguard School is a public charter school that celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2020. As a public charter school, The Vanguard School does not charge tuition for enrollment and is open to all children.

young students reading and studying at the Vanguard School

Are Charter Schools Good?

The answer depends on your family, educational goals, and values. Charter schools offer many benefits and advantages over traditional institutions. Please see the unique features of The Vanguard School to see if our charter school is a good match for you and your family.

Charter Schools FAQs

For more information about our charter school’s admission process, teachers, academics, school year, curriculum, and student expectations, visit our Charter School FAQs page.


Charter Schools & Classical Education

The Vanguard School is a classical education charter school. By design, it is more than just a structure of our curricula, it is a mission that enables us to instill both critical thinking skills and knowledge in a manner as dynamic as young learners themselves. Within the framework of classical education, our program develops through a spectrum of stages along with the students’ minds. Learn more, or come visit us, to see the benefits of classical education at work. We look forward to seeing your student flourish with us.

School Location:

The Vanguard School is conveniently and centrally located.  The Wahsatch campus (grades K-3) is behind the Southern Cross Shopping Center off S. Nevada Avenue near downtown Colorado Springs at 1832 S. Wahsatch Avenue.  The South Corona campus (grades 4-12) is located at 1605 S. Corona Avenue.  Our phone number is 719.471.1999.


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