Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

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An integral part of shaping our students’ experience so that they can explore their futures to the fullest is the opportunity for cultural exposure.  Learning how others see the world, how they express themselves with language, and how they celebrate life through unique custom and tradition, opens students’ minds to the world of possibility, not just in the way we view our world, but how we choose to interact with it.

Here Are The Vanguard School’s Top 10 Reasons To Study Abroad.

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1.   Experience A New Culture

There is no better way to learn than through experience.  Study abroad programs give students the potential for immense learning that will inform future decisions and experiences as a result of their experience.

2.   Practice Secondary Language Skills

Students at The Vanguard School have the opportunity to learn Latin, French, and Spanish.  Participating in a study abroad program provides invaluable immersion language learning to further solidify and grow the foreign language acquisition that begins in the classroom.

3.   Graduate School Admissions

For competitive graduate school programs, an applicant’s academic profile is not the only factor under consideration for admission.  A study abroad program demonstrates a student’s willingness and interest in broadening their understanding of the world through multiple perspectives.

4.   Enriching Experience

The Vanguard School prepares students by providing a well-rounded education with depth in culture and the arts.  We encourage our students to participate in study abroad programs to further enrich their experience.

5.   Expanding Networks & Meeting Diverse People

A study abroad program assists a student in expanding their circles by forming meaningful relationships with people of differing backgrounds.  This experience strengthens a student’s communication skills for use in future endeavors.

6.   Surround Yourself In History

Studying abroad provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a three-dimensional experience of history that so far has only come alive through books and media.  Finding themselves within the real-life context of important historical events helps develop a new understanding of the importance of history amidst our changing world.

7.    Advance Future Career

An international experience will open a student’s mind to future possibilities, particularly when envisioning personal and professional accomplishments.  A student who studies abroad becomes a professional who is not afraid of embracing new opportunities, no matter from where they come.

8.   Challenging Oneself

Study abroad programs provide the opportunity for each student to challenge themselves and push their perceived limits.

9.   Gain Insight, Independence, & Knowledge of Self

Studying abroad means a chance to become more independent, to become a broader thinker, and to realize real inner strength.

10. Living One’s Best Story

Studying abroad means putting much of what a student has learned about a particular language and culture into its fullest context.  It is an experience that can be applied to one’s own life as they continually grow and learn throughout the rest of their life.

The Vanguard School

Students of The Vanguard School enjoy a school experience that provides a wonderfully diverse and productive learning environment.  We encourage parents to consider study abroad programs that will further the enrichment we provide for our students within a real-life context.

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