High School Curriculum

The Vanguard School's Graduation Requirements

46 Credits (1 credit = 1 semester; 2 credits = 1 year)
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Honors Classical Literature & Composition Creative Writing
Honors European Literature & Composition Gothic Literature
Honors American Literature & Composition Science Fiction
Honors British Literature & Composition Tolkien / Redemption
Algebra I Advanced Math AP Calculus (AB)
Honors Geometry Pre-Calculus AP Calculus (BC)
Algebra II Statistics
Honors The Classical World AP Human Geography
Honors European History* American Warfare
Honors U.S. History* Classical Warfare
Honors U.S. Government* Forensics
Honors U.S. Micro Economics* Personal Finance
Honors Biology* Anatomy
Chemistry Astronomy
Honors Chemistry* Biotechnology
Physics Engineering
Honors Physics* Field Ecology
Latin I Spanish I German I
Latin II Spanish II German II
Latin III Spanish III German III
Latin IV** AP Spanish German IV
Latin V**
Fine Arts
Art History Photography Choir / Select Choir
Art / 2-Dimensional Sculpture Instrumental Music
Art / 3-Dimensional AP Art AP Music Theory
Ceramics Music History Acting / Drama
Other Electives
Conditioning Programming
Physical Education Web Design

Required courses are bolded.
* indicates Advanced Placement courses offered
** indicates CU-Succeed Dual Enrollment courses

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