School Delays and Closures

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The Vanguard School will be bound by Cheyenne Mountain District 12 (D-12) decisions on whether to close, delay opening or announce early dismissal because of inclement weather. 

In the event of bad weather on a day The Vanguard School would normally be in session but D-12 is not, the Executive Director or his designee will make the decision and will announce closure or delay on local radio and television stations.

Delay or closure information can be found by accessing:
  • Television: Stations (see list below)
  • Radio: Stations (see list below)
  • Telephone: Call the school telephone line at 719.471.1999
  • Text Message: You can receive emergency information via text message minutes after we post it. To subscribe to these alerts, please click here.
  • E-Mail: You can receive emergency information via E-Mail minutes after we post it. Please add yourself to our E-Mail distribution lists. (These are the same lists that are used for sending weekly E-Blasts.)
In all cases of inclement weather, parents should exercise their own judgment about whether to transport their children to school. Tardy arrivals or absences on such occasions will be excused.

School-Day Schedules (Including 2-Hour Delay Schedules) for The Vanguard School

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The following television and radio stations will announce any delays or closures:

Television Stations
KOAA (Channel 5)
KKTV (Channel 11)
KRDO (Channel 13)

AM Radio Stations
KBZZ (1300)
KCBR (1040)
KCMN (1530)
KRDO (1240)
KVOR (740)
KZNT (1460)

FM Radio Stations
KCME (88.7)
KILO (94.3)
KKCS (101.9)
KKFM (98.1)
KKLI (106.3)
KKMG (98.9)
KRCC (91.5)
KRDO (105.5)
KSPZ (92.9)
KTLF (90.5)
KVUU (99.9)
KYGO (98.5)
KYZX (103.9)