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The Vanguard School is a tuition-free, K-12 Colorado Springs charter school that serves students from across the Pikes Peak Region.  We believe that excellence in character and excellence in academics go hand in hand, and we strive to develop a coherent, aligned K-12 program.

Our Mission is to help guide students in development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.

Our Vision is that students develop lifelong habits of excellence in virtue and intellect, allowing them to prosper as classically educated individuals advancing a free society.  Our enduring nationally acclaimed program prepares graduates for advanced education, meaningful contributions to society, and a life of purpose.

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The Vanguard School has an open-door policy. Feel free to stop by at your convenience.

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The Vanguard School is a K-12 Colorado Springs charter school.

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The Vanguard School lists financial responsibility as a top priority.

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The Vanguard School is dedicated to a rigorous classical education designed to train students to think critically, communicate effectively in both oral and written form, and develop habits of virtue and intellect that will benefit them throughout their lives.  Our curriculum is challenging from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of high school and prepares our students to be leaders within our school, and in their communities.

A Vanguard education is about learning to live well.  Our dedicated staff members' passion for teaching is reflected in our students' abilities to apply academic content throughout their lives and their abilities to communicate their thoughts and opinions.

Our academic program exists for all students who are excited by learning and parents who want their children to be challenged to reach their full potential.

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Fine Arts

The arts have long been revered by both classical and modern civilizations.  Students exposed to music, art, and theatre in school are given unique outlets for their creativity to flourish.  Our educators invest their extensive talents, passion, and knowledge to enrich our students' creative abilities, supporting each student as they learn to hone their interests and skills.  Our youngest students all the way up to our graduating seniors have the opportunity to participate in vocal and instrumental music classes, in addition to explore their theatrical and artistic talents.

Students who participate in any one of our Fine Arts programs learn to test their limits, defy their creative boundaries, and integrate these learning experiences into their everyday lives.  Vanguard students are encouraged to enter competitions and find incredible success in doing so.  Our art students consistently win awards at the local, state, and national levels.  Over the last ten years, our high school music program has had twenty-nine students selected as members of the prestigious All-state Choir!   The Vanguard Chamber Singers, one of our talented choirs, have been selected to perform at the Colorado Music Educators Association Conference, a tremendous honor for them and our music program.

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Youth Art Classes - The Vanguard School
Athletic Programs For Youth - The Vanguard School


School athletics are often a child’s first significant introduction to the world of sports.  Numerous studies have demonstrated that students who participate in any athletic program are better-rounded academically and develop positive social skills earlier in life.  We believe that athletics are excellent mediums to help students develop communication, virtue, and leadership.

At The Vanguard School, our fifth and sixth graders have the opportunity to participate in both volleyball and basketball.  Our seventh and eighth grade athletes focus on skill development and teamwork, and these students compete within the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL).  Our high school sports are competitive, and our teams play at the 3A level.  Each athlete has the opportunity to letter in their varsity sport, whether they choose soccer, cross country, or basketball, among the many sports available.

Special highlights from our last two years include: the Boys Cross Country team earned first place in the 2A division in 2016, Girls Cross Country took first at Regionals in 2017, and in both 2016 and 2017, the Boys Club Volleyball won the State Championship!

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College Prep

The Vanguard School's college preparatory program is designed to give every student the opportunity to succeed in college.  Compared to students who do not take part in college prep courses or have college counselors available to them, Vanguard's students are better prepared for university-level coursework and find great success at the colleges they attend!   In the past six years, we have had twelve National Merit Finalists, two Boettcher Scholarship winners, and five Daniels Scholarship winners.  Our fifty-one graduating seniors of 2017 earned over $5.4 million dollars in scholarship funds.  In total, over the past eight years, our students have earned over $30.7 million in college scholarships!

Are you a current parent who is interested in learning more about our college preparatory program, or a parent considering enrolling your child here at The Vanguard School?  Click below to learn more!

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College Preparatory Programs, Advisors, and Scholarships - The Vanguard School
International Study Programs - The Vanguard School

International Study

Should high school students study abroad?  At The Vanguard School, we ensure that our students have access to the best study abroad trips we can provide!   We believe that foreign studies are imperative for all young minds.  A rich, internationally minded education allows students to build their leadership skills in an unfamiliar situation and positively impacts their character.  Our students study language abroad, experience different cuisine, and interact with people of other cultures.

Our European Spring Break trips are both fun and educational as they build on our students' skills they have already developed in the classroom.  Last year, some of our Latin students spent time in Rome, where they visited monuments they had seen in their textbooks and practiced their Latin translation.  During these trips, students travel with Vanguard teachers who have experience leading groups of students on study-abroad programs.

Interested in learning more about Vanguard's commitment to international study programs?  Click one of the links below!

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Does your child have an interest in building a robot out of spare parts?   Or perhaps your child is intrigued by building rockets and has a desire to compete at the national level for TARC?   Perhaps they wish to develop leadership skills by leading a Student Government meeting or becoming a member of the National Honor Society?

At The Vanguard School, extracurricular activities present students with an even richer academic experience, giving every individual pupil the opportunity to broaden their horizons with new skills and leadership opportunities.   Our hardworking, dedicated teachers invest countless hours in helping students perfect their chosen craft, whether it is in rocketry, music, theater, public speaking, or any of the numerous clubs and electives we offer!

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Extracurricular Activities Including Theatre and Robotics - The Vanguard School

News & Alerts

Newsletters for grade levels K-6 are posted to this page each Friday during the school year.

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For Parents

Valuable resources for the parents and guardians of our children, as well as for those interested in becoming affiliated with the school.

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