The Vanguard School is committed to the pursuit of excellence and youth participation in athletics.

Does your child have an interest in building a robot out of spare parts?  Or perhaps your child is intrigued by building rockets and has a desire to compete at the national level for TARC?  Perhaps they wish to develop leadership skills by leading a Student Government meeting or becoming a member of the National Honor Society?

At The Vanguard School, extracurricular activities present students with an even richer academic experience, giving every individual pupil the opportunity to broaden their horizons with new skills and leadership opportunities.  Our hardworking, dedicated teachers invest countless hours in helping students perfect their chosen craft, whether it is in rocketry, music, theater, public speaking, or any of the numerous clubs and electives we offer!

Through this experience, students are able to develop courage as they take risks, strength while displaying finesse, competitive intensity while exhibiting generosity of spirit, and mental as well as physical endurance.  While the focus is to facilitate the development of each student’s athletic potential, the greater hope is to instill motivation to continue lifelong physical activity.

The Vanguard School Junior High Clubs
Engineering Club

The Vanguard High School Engineering club leads an introduction to programing class for all interested junior high students.  These engaging hands-on classes cover topics like block programing with Sphero and Easy C as well as C++ Arduino robots.  Students get to build and compete against fellow students with the robots that they program.

Student Council

The Vanguard Junior High Student Council (StuCo) offers civic minded students the opportunity to plug-in to the beating heart of student government.  The adventure begins by choosing to serve your fellow students.  Candidates then run in-classroom elections for the position of Homeroom Representative or they throw their hat into the ring for one of four officer seats and are elected by the greater junior high to run the council for the year.  These positions include the Treasurer and Secretary offices, for which any student in the seventh or eighth grade may run, and the eighth grade President and seventh grade Vice-President offices, who serve as flagships for the councils’ weekly meetings and all special events.  Good luck and remember that the year is only as great as you make it.  Why not take a direct hand in making it great!

Junior High Forensics Club

Forensics is an elective for students who love the arts of oratory and persuasion (speech and debate).  Forensics is an offers important life skills that are often neglected due to fear or lack of training.  Students who take forensics come out of the elective with more confidence and an increased ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.  The stage helps students understand the perspective of people who are different than themselves and develop a deep level of confidence in order to portray that newfound awareness.


Matchwits provides our Junior High students the opportunity to compete against other schools in a Knowledge Bowl-style competition.  Students compete in teams and operate a buzzer system to answer challenging questions concerning history, literature, science, language arts, geography, math, and the arts.  Our school competes against other Jr. High teams in the Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL).  Students are invited to audition for the team in early fall. Once teams are selected, we practice weekly and participate in four matches over the course of the school year.

Math Olympiad

Mathletes will dive deeper into math and logic.  We cover rather difficult types of problems.  They learn short cuts and tricks to solve problems easier.  We play logic games and puzzles. Overall, we want to encourage students to see the fun in math.  They take a contest once a month for 5 months.  The results are submitted online to the Math Olympiad headquarters, where they are scored against hundreds of thousands of middle school students all across the globe.  In May, we receive our results and have a celebratory party.


The Vanguard School model rocketry club offers students the opportunity to learn about, build, and fly model rockets.  Beginning rocketeers (sport rocketry) start with simple rockets under the guidance of experienced mentors and graduate to increasingly complex and powerful models.  Experienced rocketeers may join the competition teams for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), a nation-wide rocketry competition open to junior high and high school students.  The club meets for build sessions after school on Fridays from 1:30 to 3:30.  Launches are usually on Saturday mornings, either with the Colorado Springs Rocket Society (COSROCS) at Challenger Middle School or at the TARC team launch site in southeast Colorado Springs.  Students in sport rocketry pay nominal dues to cover some build supplies and provide their own kits and rocket motors.  Students on the TARC teams will have higher dues (approximately $80/year) and are expected to participate in fund raising to offset the costs for building and flying more complex competition rockets and travel to the national competition in Virginia if they qualify.

The Vanguard School High School Clubs
Drum Line

Participate in a drumline.  The group plays for Spirit Week and additional pep rally opportunities throughout the school year.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

A faith-based group for those interested in physical fitness based activities.  This club does not require that you participate in a school sport.  Activities of the club center around physical fitness, faith, and volunteering.

Card Club

Learn a variety of card games; one of our largest clubs!

Biology Club

This club discusses ideas from class and expands the discussion for those who love science.

History Club

The History Club exists for students who love to study the past and learn lessons for the future.  Students in this club delve deeper into historical events and time periods, becoming knowledgeable on a variety of historical topics.  Often times, members of this club will watch historical movies, critiquing and analyzing each film for historical accuracy.  Supplies are provided.

Forensics: Speech & Debate Club

Forensics is an elective for students who love the arts of oratory and persuasion (speech and debate).  Forensics is an offers important life skills that are often neglected due to fear or lack of training.  Students who take forensics come out of the elective with more confidence and an increased ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.  Effective communication is an incredibly powerful tool to help students achieve future goals.  On average there are two tournaments a month from November to March.

Knitting Club

Learn to create your own personal items.  Members of this club create things for themselves and also donate items to those in need.

Chess Club

Learn how to play or improve your skills.  Regular games and clinics during activities period.


Students need to try out for the team and meet grade requirements (C or better in all core classes) to compete.  All equipment and supplies are provided.  Students are sometimes responsible for transportation and food at competitions.

Improv Club

Vanguard’s Improv Club exists for students interested in thinking on their feet and outside of the box! This club provides an opportunity for students to explore their creativity in a fun way while developing skills in listening, problem-solving, and “off the cuff” speaking.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization of young, outstanding scholars dedicated to bettering themselves and their world.  High school students in the NHS benefit from special opportunities to receive recognition for conducting themselves according to the National Honor Society criteria. 

National Junior Classical League

This club is for students who are currently enrolled in a Latin class.  Students participate in a variety of competitions and scholastic Latin challenges.  The NJCL competitions occur in Estes Park that highlights Latin, additional academics, and fun-physical activities (including Frisbie!).

Outdoor Skills

The Vanguard Schools Outdoor Skills Club gives students the unique opportunity to learn survival skills.  Club participants learn important skills such as first aid and land navigation, and activities involve hiking, setting up/constructing shelter, and learning basic survival skills for being out in the wilderness.  Participants provide their own gear for some events (camping, etc) and the club provides materials in other cases (compasses and maps for land navigation training, for example).  The Outdoor Skills Club meets weekly.  Club events often take place on weekends since they are longer duration activities, such as our annual overnight lightweight backpacking trip, fishing trips, etc.

Poets Society

The Vanguard School’s Poets Society is a unique club that allows students to develop their creativity and their writing skills in a supportive, casual environment.  While celebrating self-expression, originality, and fun, club participants gather weekly to write and read poetry, as well as discuss and receive feedback on their individual poems and writing styles.

Recycling Club

This club aids with the recycling needs of the High School, learns about zero waste lifestyles, and engages in a variety of educational topics.

Rocketry Club

Students at The Vanguard School design, build and fly low-power model rockets (as defined by the National Association of Rocketry, NAR) as part of the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) and Sport Model Rocketry club.  TARC is a yearly competition where teams attempt to fly rockets with specific design and performance parameters (e.g., to specific altitudes with a particular payload).  The rockets are constructed from light-weight materials such as cardboard, wood and plastic and recover under a parachute.  Sport rocketry involves non-competitive model rocket building and flying.  Students who have never built a model rocket are encouraged to begin in sport rocketry.  If they desire, students may move to the TARC competition teams as they gain additional experience or continue in sport rocketry simply to enjoy hobby.  General build supplies, electronics, and motors are provided for the TARC teams through their dues and associated fundraising.  New students in model rocketry will be given supplies to build and fly two simple rockets.  After that, students will purchase their own model rocket kits (typically or more depending on complexity) and motors (typically ) from local hobby shops or via mail order.

Robotics Club

The Engineering Club competes in local robotics competitions as well as creates outreach programs for our Junior High and Elementary School.  The Engineering Club participates in the Pikes Peak chapter of the Best Robotics competition.  All grade level students will learn how to build and program a robot.  This club is a wonderful introduction to engineering and applied math, engaging students to learn basic skills in programming and mechanics.  Students are not required to purchase tools although many choose to purchase some supplies in order to keep their robotics projects.  We participate in the Best Robotics Competition in Woodland Park and other local contests in Colorado Springs.  We also design and organize robotics automation and robotics engineering learning activities for Middle school and Elementary school students.


This is a faith-based group available for students who want to connect with individuals who share their beliefs.

students studying latin at the vanguard school
Latin Club

Students do not need to be enrolled in a Latin class currently to be a Latin Club member.  All students interested in learning more about and engaging creatively with the ancient world are welcome.

Student Government

The High School Student Government is comprised of Vanguard students in grades 9-12, elected by their peers early in the school year.  The Council includes four officer positions (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer) and senators from each grade level.  High school faculty members serve as the staff advisors to the High School Student Government.
The focus of student government is to:
• foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty.
• promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school.
• develop good citizens and leaders through experience in government.
• provide a means for student expression.
• encourage student involvement.
• promote school spirit.
• represent and make decisions on behalf of the interest of the student body.
Student government discusses many issues throughout the school year and supports exciting student projects and initiatives, such as our school dances, Homecoming Week festivities, and various service opportunities throughout the year.  Meetings are held once a week with all members, and information is communicated to each of the homerooms and throughout the student body.  The student body, in turn, has the opportunity to exchange ideas and offer suggestions through the class senators to foster a healthy and productive dialogue which benefits the entire high school program and Vanguard community.

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