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At The Vanguard School, students learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar and develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Additionally, students explore numerous topics in the history, literature, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.  The Vanguard School currently offers three levels of Spanish which may be taken at the high school level.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Verbal and written language is the single most effective tool for communicating the human condition.  We not only use oral and written expression to accomplish tangible goals, but we also use it to delve deeply into the lessons of the past and to carry on wisdom from generation to generation.

Each language is uniquely reflective of the culture it embodies.  Language learning not only gives the learner a look into another culture, but it also provides a new lens with which to view the world.  At The Vanguard School, we place tremendous value on our foreign language program, providing instruction in Latin, Spanish, and German.

Benefits of Learning Spanish as a Second Language

  • A student who has learned Spanish will be able to communicate with nearly 437 million Spanish speakers worldwide.
  • A Spanish speaker can communicate around the globe more effectively. The number of Spanish speaking countries includes destinations such as Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, and more.
  • Spanish is a Romance language. Understanding Spanish provides the opportunity to acquire other Romance languages with more ease.
  • Fixtures of Spanish culture are deeply popular throughout the world. Learning the language allows the student to connect more deeply with Spanish culture, art, and music.

Foreign Languages at The Vanguard School

At The Vanguard School, we believe foreign language acquisition is crucial to a student’s development.  Spanish students will achieve mastery of the verbal, conversational, and written structures of the Spanish language, and a clear understanding of Spanish culture, history, and literature.

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