The Vanguard School Back-to-School Guide

The Vanguard School sign with shrubs and flowers in frontBetween back-to-school jitters and the brutal morning rush, beginning a new school year is nerve-wracking not only for children but also for their parents. How can parents help their kids keep their heads above the water while still keeping their anxieties under control?

We have turned to our many years of experience to bring you this short Back-to-School Guide. Read on for tips and best practices on preparing your children for going back to school.


Making the transition from a stress-free, relaxing summer to a full day of learning is no easy feat. While it may seem arduous, having it all under control is doable. So, how do you as a parent set your children up for an easy start? Here are some handy tips:Kindergarten boy stands next to a welcome sign for back-to-school orientation

Get Back to Your Bedtime Routine

Getting your children back to their bedtime routine can be difficult and sometimes infuriating, but it’s vital to do before the transition back to school. We recommend that you set your alarm back to your school-time wake up a week or so before school starts. It might be tempting to lie down on the couch once you are awake but do your best to avoid the temptation. Instead, consider going through a mock school morning routine to smooth out the kinks and get your blood moving. This way, your children are psychologically and mentally prepared for the school morning routine when the time comes.

We also recommend that you establish a bedtime bed routine that includes activities such as brushing teeth, showering, packing backpacks, and picking the next day’s outfit. Make your bedtime routines as fun, interactive, and sustainable as possible.

Talk About It

Communication is key! Create a safe space that allows your kids to communicate their feelings about going back to school with you easily. Tell them how you felt about school as a child and validate their feelings once they communicate their fears with you.

Young kid sits in a classroom reading a bookWe Cannot Stress This Enough: A Useful Read Goes a Long Way

Reading this short post is a step in the right direction! A deeper dive into the web can also introduce you to articles and documented research that helps you keep the Back-to-School jitters at bay. Do you know who else can help? Friends with children the same age as yours. Don’t be afraid to ask those around you for help and advice.


Do you know that a student’s eating habits directly impact their attention span and retention in school? Do you know that more healthy lunches end up in the dumpster than unhealthy lunches? Of course you do!

The battle to have children eat healthier food options is one many parents across America are losing daily, but here are tips to help your child fuel their body the right way:

Get creative by experimenting with colors and shapes. People of all ages are attracted to a variety of colors, and there are actual scientific studies done on the benefits of “eating a rainbow” of fruits and vegetables each day to improve the nutritional quality of each meal.

Let your child help pack their own lunch. Get your child excited for their school lunch by making it with them. This way, you can introduce healthy food options to them and let them choose which they prefer the night before.

Finally, lead by example. Normalize healthy habits in your home by letting your child see you cooking and eating a variety of nutritious foods.


Courser Round-up

Courser Round-up is the first event that we hold in preparation for a new school year and is designed to provide families with critical information such as curriculum maps, school day schedules, carline procedures, uniform/dress code guidelines, Summer Semester information, and much more. Courser Round-up is typically presented as an on-campus event in May or June and is supplemented by our Courser Round-up web pages which are available throughout the summer.

The inside of a Vanguard School classroom with coat hooks on the wall

Back-to-School Basics

Back-to-School Basics is your one-stop shop for everything you need to do before the school year begins! At this event, parents can come as they are able to create parent badges, finish filling out enrollment and health office paperwork, shop our uniform resale, and more! Junior high and high school students can also get a sports physical completed by a certified physician at this event (subject to availability).

New Student Socials

New Student Socials are events specifically for families brand new to The Vanguard School. These socials are meant to acquaint our new students and families with their peers, teachers, and buildings in a fun and relaxed environment.

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is a two-day event designed to orient new students and all 7th graders (new and returning) to a typical school day at Vanguard. Students are encouraged to arrive in uniform/dress code, and parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their children as they would on a regular school day. At New Student Orientation, students will have the chance to meet their teachers, set up their supplies, get familiar with their schedules, and more before the first day of school.

School Supply Drop-off

We want all our students to feel prepared when they arrive on the first day of school! School Supply Drop-off gives all students the opportunity to come into their building to drop off their supplies and set up their desks/lockers before the first day of school.

Back-to-School Nights

Back-to-School Nights are great opportunities for families to meet teachers, ask questions, and get more information about what students will be learning in class throughout the school year. Back-to-School Nights are offered after the first day of school.


We genuinely care for the welfare and well-being of our students and are dedicated to creating a safe environment that promotes their overall well-being. We know how daunting getting your child to adjust to a new school year can be. But worry not, we are with you every step of the way.

For more information about our school, please look around our website (, email us at [email protected], or call us at (719) 471-1999.

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