Colorado Gives Day

What is Colorado Gives Day?

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Donations are accepted through  Colorado Gives Day 2020 is scheduled for Tuesday, December 8!  Please save the date to help support our school!

Tax Deductible:

All donations made through on Colorado Gives Day are 100% tax deductible.  You will be automatically emailed a tax-deduction letter from the Community First Foundation.

Why You Should Give:

Because you love our school!
As a public charter school, we only receive 90% per child compared to a typical public school.  Please help us make up that difference!
Every dollar counts!  Donations of $10 and up can be made online.

Examples of What Your Donation Can Help Achieve:

$25 buys one game-regulation basketball.
$50 could buy as many as 10 books for an elementary classroom.
$100 buys a track and field hurdle.
$250 helps put a microscope into a classroom.
$500 could add a laptop to our mobile computer lab.

Have you considered becoming a reoccurring donor?

A recurring donation is a feature that allows donors to make automated, online donations to a nonprofit on a regular schedule.  Donors can set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual recurring donations for a specific dollar amount.

Consider even $10 a month to help our school!  You can schedule your donation to start on Colorado Gives Day using Colorado Gives!

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