Athletic Fees

Athletic fees will be paid after the Student Athlete makes a team and team rosters are set.  Parents will be given approximately two weeks to pay athletic fees after the athlete makes the team.

The format for Athletics registration payments is as follows:

Athletic Fees are $150.00 (with 5 volunteer hours) and $250 (without volunteer hours) per athlete per sport with the following exceptions.

  • Student-athlete participates in three (3) consecutive seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring), the Spring sport is FREE:
    • i.e.  Fall sport: HS boys soccer (paid); Winter sport: HS boys basketball (paid); Spring sport: HS track (FREE)
    • Still responsible for five (5) volunteer hours for spring sport.
    • Participation in a fourth sport would be $100.
  • Student-athlete participates in two (2) seasons, but plays three (3) sports ($150.00/$250.00 for second sport and $100.00 for third sport):
    • i.e.  Fall sport: none; Winter sport: HS girls basketball (paid); Spring sport: HS girls soccer ($150.00/$250.00) & HS track ($100.00)
    • Still responsible for ten (10) volunteer hours for Spring sports

*Effective August 24, 2016, we are only going to accept online payments of $150.00 and $250.00.  When paying for a third sport, please turn in a check made out to “The Vanguard School” for the remaining balance of $100.

  • Student-athlete played one (1) or two (2) sport(s) regardless of seasons:
    • Fee: $150.00 (with volunteer hours); $250.00 (without volunteer hours)
    • Still responsible for five (5) volunteer hours per sport.
  • ALL junior high and high school athletes MUST have a physical on file with The Vanguard School athletics department prior to participating in scheduled team practices/games/matches/meets.
  • All parents (at least one per household) MUST attend athletic meeting(s) held seasonally, of the sport(s) in which the athlete(s) is/are being registered.
Pay Athletic Fees Here
(with volunteer hours)
(with no volunteer hours)

For more information on the athletics registration process, please contact Joseph Simboli, Vanguard School athletic director by email at [email protected].