What is Rolling Admission?

what is rolling admission

Some schools, like The Vanguard School, use rolling admission.  During this process, prospective students may apply to the school at any point during a large window of time.

Rolling Admission at The Vanguard School

Applying at The Vanguard School can be done during a large window for the future school year.  The school does not accept new students at the twelfth-grade level, however.  Applicants must provide the supporting documents required, such as a recent report card or a transcript, depending upon the grade level.

School Admission Lottery

The proposed student joins a lottery and receives a waitlist number.  Children of staff members have priority for a spot in the school, followed by children who live within District 2 and have a sibling already attending The Vanguard School.  The next group receiving a priority spot is any student in District 2. Following that, any siblings of students already attending The Vanguard School who live out of the district will receive the next chance of earning a spot.  Finally, those who live out of the district may qualify for a place on the roster if there are any still available.

The Vanguard School is a Public Charter School

Additionally, a public charter school, like The Vanguard School, does not charge tuition for enrollment and does not require students to take entrance exams.  It is open to all children, regardless of gender or race.

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