Building Character

building character at the Vanguard School

The Vanguard School places emphasis on a well-rounded child, rather than one who solely does well academically.  We accomplish this goal by focusing on character building for kids and using a classical education.  This education includes self-esteem and character-building activities for kids and the use of multiple disciplines, so children have a complete education and more points of view to use for problem-solving both in school and in life.

Character Development

The values taught at The Vanguard School will help each student develop a strong moral character. Moral behavior will be emphasized within the curriculum and outside it. Examples from literature and history will serve as models of virtue in action, while they will be constantly reinforced by the emphasis on the child’s own conduct and interaction with others.


A discipline code contract is signed at the beginning of each school year by the student, parent, and teacher.  This code spells out standards of conduct that will assure safety, civility, and an optimum learning environment. The Vanguard School employs the “CHAMPs” model for classroom management.

Class Sizes

The Vanguard School uses achievement-level grouping for reading, math, and spelling in grades K-6, keeping these classes smaller than the traditional classroom settings to ensure students are receiving the individual attention they need to succeed.

After-School Activities

The students are offered a variety of after-school activities throughout the school year to complement their academic studies as resources and interests dictate. These activities are offered by parents, teachers, and members of the community willing to share special skills and expertise.

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The CHAMPS Acronym Stands For:

Conversation: Can students talk to each other during this activity?
Help: How do students get the teacher’s attention and their questions answered?
Activity: What is the task/objective? What is the end product?
Movement: Can students move about during this activity?
Participation: How do students show they are fully participating? What does work behavior look/sound like?
Success: When students meet CHAMPS expectations, they will be successful!