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Studying Latin sharpens students’ skills in memorization and critical and logical thinking, expands students’ understanding of the origins and workings of many languages, and serves as a gateway to the study of the culture and civilization of ancient Rome, the precepts and ideas of which form the foundation of Western civilization. In our Latin courses, students will master Latin vocabulary, grammar, and syntax while developing foundational translation skills through a study of textbook Latin excerpts adapted from Roman sources. Students will also explore topics in the history, literature, culture, and geography of ancient Rome.

Benefits of Learning Latin as a Second Language

  • Latin is the basis of all Romance languages, which are French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Learning Latin helps students solidify their understanding of English grammar, as 50% of English words have Latin roots.
  • Professions in medicine, science, law, philosophy, literature, theology, and music require a significant amount of Latin vocabulary. Understanding Latin will assist students in the mastery of these fields.
  • Latin’s interdisciplinary nature helps students understand how Classical Learning does occur in subject isolation. Instead, it is a reflection of the dependency all disciplines have with each other against the backdrop of history.
  • Learning Latin is engaging, satisfying, and fun because it involves a great deal of critical thinking and decoding.
  • Latin is a systematic language that applies to most other areas of study.
  • Understanding Latin can improve a student’s score on the verbal portion of the SAT.

Learn to Speak Latin

At The Vanguard School, students begin Latin in grade seven with Latin 1A, then progress to Latin 1B in grade eight. This course progression continues in high school with Latin I through Latin V. Increased focus on Latin during high school compliments other academic subjects such as chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics, and art history, which all feature essential Latin vocabulary in their coursework.

Learn To Read and Write Formal Latin

Latin is alive and well in a multitude of scientific and academic fields around the world. Understanding the structure of Latin and possessing the capability to write in a second language opens many doors of exploration for a deeper understanding of the sciences, philosophy, literature, and music.

Students at The Vanguard School learn to read and write in Latin through a layered approach, learning the fundamentals of Latin at the junior high level, then building upon these fundamentals in more advanced, high school levels.

Latin Language, Culture, & Student Immersion

Students at The Vanguard School will become familiar with the Latin language while simultaneously gaining an understanding of how Latin applies to nearly all facets of Classical Education. The Vanguard School provides opportunities both within the academic curriculum and outside it via extracurricular activities and class trips.

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