Academic Scores & College Credit FAQs

AP college credit at the vanguard school

SAT scores are important because they can help a student get into the college of their choice. Not all schools weigh SAT scores as heavily as others do, so its influence upon a college admission approval or denial may be sizable or small. However, for standardized tests, the big ones most colleges look at are the SAT and the ACT, so it pays to take them and do as well as possible. Parents and students may also wish to research in advance the student’s University of choice for individual school requirements.


An SAT score of 1250 will be high enough to gain admittance into many universities. Certain state universities will accept scores in the seven hundred and eight hundred range, but other more prestigious schools like Yale will want to see a higher score than that, generally at least in the upper fourteen hundred range.

Community (or Junior) Colleges:

A community or junior college will entertain scores in a lower range and may not require the SAT at all.


Many vocational programs do not require SAT scores from prospective students.

Technical Schools:

Many technical schools also do not use SAT scores because they do not view these tests as barometers of the kind of talent they are seeking.

Specialized Institutes:

Specialized institutes often do not require SAT scores either, or may only require one component of it. If a student is going to a math institute, for instance, the school may only look at the math portion of the SAT so please refer to your individual school’s admission requirements for their list of desired pre-qualifiers.

Student SAT Scores at The Vanguard School

Students at The Vanguard School perform well annually on the SATs. Out of the sixteen hundred points possible, the Class of 2020 scored an average of 1218 on the SAT. That is 204 points higher than the state average of 1014. The Class of 2018 had an average combined score of 1245.

A good GPA depends upon which type of school the student plans to attend. A three out of a four on a grading scale will not be good enough for top Ivy League schools, but it will be acceptable for many other colleges. The average graduate from The Vanguard School does well, often landing a high enough GPA to attend their school of choice. Ninety-two percent of the most recent class to graduate from The Vanguard School went on to attend a four-year college.

Some technical schools will place more emphasis on math classes than schools for English majors will. Additionally, some students may need to take extra math classes if they desire a major in the sciences. These may include subjects such as trigonometry and calculus.

The Accuplacer test is an excellent tool to ensure a student’s placement in the right classes for their ability level. Students may take it when they are about to enter college, or if they are still in high school but want to enroll in college-level courses.

After admission, the test is administered online by the college the student will attend. The tests may cover the subjects of writing, reading, and math. The score will determine which class a student should take to match their skill level.

AP College Credit

Many high schools work with students who want to earn college credits in high school. Advanced Placement college credit is one way to accomplish that. Some colleges will allow students to take tests to place out of certain college requirements.

AP College Credit At The Vanguard School

Every year, The Vanguard School offers as many as fifteen courses that allow students to earn college credits. That gives them a head start on their college careers following graduation. Call the main office for more information (719) 471-1999 x200.

How Do College Credits Work?

Here is an example. For instance, those who took extensive language courses in high school may take a proficiency test and be able to skip taking college foreign language classes. Advanced Placement tests often carry a small fee, but they can save students a lot of money if they place out of many classes.

High school students may also attend college by taking online college courses before graduation. Students can save time and expense compared to taking all their college courses at the university they attend.

Do College Credits Expire?

No, but the ones earned in high school may not fully transfer, depending upon the university the student attends.

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