Employment Opportunities

Dear Prospective Team Member,

Thank you for your interest in The Vanguard School.  Our mission is to help guide students through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.

We believe that while achieving excellence in academics is our most obvious task, developing excellence in character is our most important.  Our team is dedicated to achieving these ends for each student.  We seek individuals who not only hold these values, but who can enhance our team’s ability to advance them.  We are looking for professionals who are passionate about growing students and are excited to be a contributing member of a team whose standard is excellence.  Necessary to achieve this standard are the qualities of hard work, humility, creativity, problem solving, and teamwork, as well as expertise in your area.  As individuals and as a team, we continually assess our work and intentionally strive to improve it.

Staff members at all levels of The Vanguard School work hard and are expected to demonstrate results.  We are accountable to the State of Colorado, our chartering authority, our school board, our parents, and most of all, our students.  We strive to, and expect to, make a significant difference in the lives of our students.  The Vanguard School was created to be an alternative to other educational options, and we believe we can be the best anywhere at providing an education that develops strength of character and academic acumen.

Our school has been rated among the very best in Colorado since its inception, and our high school program has been a top-performing school for all of its years in existence.  Our students demonstrate excellence in athletics and the arts in addition to academics, and our parents are involved and supportive.  We acknowledge our successes humbly and strive always to improve.  We are seeking like-minded individuals who will help us achieve our mission at even higher levels.  If you believe you are such an individual, I applaud your commitment to excellence and invite you to submit an application to join the Vanguard team.


Colin T. Mullaney
Executive Director

Instructional Non-Instructional
Special Education Teacher Elementary Aide
Elementary Art and Music Teacher Kitchen Assistant (PT)
Full-time Substitute Teacher On-call Substitute Teachers
Intervention Assistant
2021-2022 Early Interest Elementary and Secondary Teachers
Administrative/Support Coaching
College Counselor
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