"Colorado Gives" Day

Colorado Gives Day 2018We believe that excellence in character and excellence in academics go hand in hand, and we strive to achieve our mission by having a coherent, aligned K-12 program in both areas.

The Vanguard School is a tuition-free K-12 Colorado Springs charter school that serves students from across the Pikes Peak region. We exist for any family who believes in our mission and is dedicated to the rigorous work of helping us achieve it for their child.

Although charter schools receive less funding per student than traditional public schools, Vanguard teachers give their students the best education possible, doing more with less and creating an environment where students are challenged to learn and grow in their academics, character, and outside interests.

As you know, The Vanguard School could not accomplish our mission to develop students' academic potential and character without your steadfast support in so many areas, including financial.  "Colorado Gives" Day (held annually)( is Colorado's largest day of giving.  On this day, thousands of people will come together to support nonprofits all over the state of Colorado.

In lieu of our annual "Lend a Hand" campaign, giving to The Vanguard School by participating in "Colorado Gives" allows us to focus our fundraising efforts and provide donors with a unique opportunity to make their donation to Vanguard go even further than the dollar amount given.

Since our school receives less funding per pupil than a traditional public school, all donations received through Colorado Gives will be put toward immediate school needs, in such areas as technology, the Arts department, physical education/athletics, campus and classroom safety/security and a variety of classroom items.

Please help us reach our goal of raising $50,000!  Thanks to the $1 Million Incentive Fund, created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank,every donation made to The Vanguard School through ColoradoGives.org on "Colorado Gives" Day is boosted by this incentive fund, which increases the value of every dollar donated.  For example, if our school receives ten percent of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, we will also receive ten percent of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.  Donate today by visiting The Vanguard School page on the Colorado Gives Web site!  You can specify any donation amount,  the frequency of your donation(s), where you'd like to designate your donation, give in honor/memory of someone, and even donate anonymously!  Unless donors wish to remain anonymous, we want to acknowledge all of our individual and corporate donors via Facebook and Friday eBlasts.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Vanguard School is a 501(c)3 organization, so most donations received are tax deductible; therefore, giving can also become a write-off on your tax return!