Choir Ensemble

Enhance Musical Knowledge & Vocal Technique

Choir Ensemble - Vanguard School

Youth choir at the Vanguard School is an elective, created to give students the opportunity to learn and master technique, practice, learn to read music, and many other skills that will enhance their elementary, middle school, and high school educations.

Benefits of Youth Choir:

  •  Learn choir songs
  • Practice technique and learn advanced skills
  • Understand music theory
  • Work together & build team communication
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn history about choral music
  • Participate in high school choir competitions

Instructor Information:

Mrs. Melissa Elser - 8th year at Vanguard teaching 5-12th grade choir and directing the musical - Bachelors in Music Education - Masters in Choral Conducting.

Choir Students at Vanguard School

Grade Levels Eligible:

5th and 6th grade (choir class Mondays and Wednesdays); Junior High (choir class 7th period each day); High School (zero hour – non-audition and chamber choir 6th period – auditioned).

Chamber Choir - Vanguard School


The choir has two levels of membership.

  • Zero Hour Choir

    This interactive course explores the art of ensemble singing and accommodates beginning, as well as, advanced singers.  Focusing on vocal technique and style, sight singing with solfege, rhythm exercises, basic music theory, and most importantly the balance and blend required in choral music, students prepare and perform a variety of repertoire from Western music history, sacred traditions, folk music, and musical theater.  Prior experience is not required, and there is no audition. 
  • Chamber Choir

    The Vanguard School Chamber Singers is a select ensemble that rehearses during the school day.  The goal of this ensemble is to expose students to a variety of higher level styles of unaccompanied repertoire.  Students will learn pieces from many different eras of music history, and there will be a major focus on sight reading, music theory, music history, musicianship, and performance practice.  Students in this ensemble are strongly encouraged to audition for Colorado All-State Choir, and they will work in class preparing the skills necessary to audition (not including solo repertoire).   In order to participate in select choir, students are required to complete an audition and are required to be a current member of The Vanguard School Singers (Zero Hour choir).  


No Cost.


All supplies for this course are provided.



We do fundraisers for Christmas and also in the spring semester. We also raise money during our On Broadway concert, which is a community program that students rehearse and perform.


Time Commitment:

All school choir classes are during the school day and count as elective credits.  Outside of school, students are required to attend quarterly concerts.



We are proud to announced that this is the tenth year that the high school choir has had students selected to perform in the all-state choir. For 2017, seven students were selected.


This is the second year that the high school choir has been selected to perform at the Colorado Music Educator’s Association Clinic and Conference


This is the eighth year that the high school ensembles have received I (Superior) ratings at Large Group Contest.