Robotics & Engineering Club

Learn To Design & Build A Robot

Vanguard School Engineering Club

The Engineering Club competes in local robotics competitions as well as creates outreach programs for our Junior High and Elementary School. The Engineering Club participates in the Pikes Peak chapter of the Best Robotics competition. All grade level students will learn how to build and program a robot. This club is a wonderful introduction to engineering and applied math, engaging students to learn basic skills in programming and mechanics. Students are not required to purchase tools although many choose to purchase some supplies in order to keep their robotics projects. We participate in the Best Robotics Competition in Woodland Park and other local contests in Colorado Springs. We also design and organize robotics automation and robotics engineering learning activities for Middle school and Elementary school students.

Students Will Learn:

  • How to make a robot
  • Basic to advanced programming skills
  • Basic to advanced engineering skills
  • Team communication and collaboration
  • Working with electronic parts
  • Using computers

Grade Levels Eligible:

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the club.

Robotics Club - Vanguard School


Robotics Course Challenge Pikes Peak

What are the benefits of learning to build and program a robot?

It’s Fun!
Learning to build your own robot is a fun activity! Simple robotics projects that incrementally become harder are great activities that allow kids to explore math and engineering in a relaxed and stimulating environment. Many kids approach math as a chore because no matter how fun a teacher can make math, there is no better activity than the ability to build a bot that works!

All Ages Can Participate
Although this is a high school level activity at the Vanguard School, our students range from knowing robotics basics to advanced programming techniques. No matter their individual levels, all students can participate in the building process and learning about different types of robotics equipment.

Programming Education Early
Programming can be a difficult and mysterious subject that many students are not introduced to until college. When given the opportunity to study programming and other complex subjects, students are more likely to become interested in science and technology, opening an entirely new career path.

Creative Outlet
Whether it is small robots to build or educational robots for younger kids, building a robot allows children to explore their creativity and use it in new ways. Many do not realize that programming requires creativity and because children see the world differently from adults, they are able to produce new and exciting programs. When actually building the robot, the sky is the limit: once students have the basis for building the robot from the kit or instructions, they are able to design and make their own.