Forensics Club

Learn The Art of Speech & Debate

Speech & Debate Club - Vanguard School
Forensics is an elective for students who love the arts of oratory and persuasion (speech and debate).  Forensics is an offers important life skills that are often neglected due to fear or lack of training.  Students who take forensics come out of the elective with more confidence and an increased ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to others.  Effective communication is an incredibly powerful tool to help students achieve future goals.  On average there are two tournaments a month from November to March. 

Grade Levels Eligible:

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the club.


While only in our fifth year, our team is one of the fastest growing programs not only in our city and region but the entire state.  In our four full years of competition, we have gone from zero state qualifiers in our first year, to one in our second year, four in our third year, and twelve last year in year four, which was by far the largest amount from any team in our region and the entire city.


In 2017, we sent two competitors to the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama.  Over the years, we have had numerous tournament Champions and several district champions across multiple events.  While we were once the smallest team at each tournament with just a handful of competitors, we are now becoming one of the more recognized schools across our entire region.