Student Government

The focus of student government is to:
  • foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty.
  • promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school.
  • develop good citizens and leaders through experience in government.
  • provide a means for student expression.
  • encourage student involvement.
  • promote school spirit.
  • represent and make decisions on behalf of the interest of the student body.
This focus coincides with the beliefs of a Classical Education and the want for all to participate in The Great Conversation.
  • The Great Conversation – is the ongoing dialectic among the great thinkers through the ages.
    • Students are invited to be part of the Great Conversation by learning and contemplating the history of Western Civilization and studying and contemplating the ideas expressed by the greatest minds of our Western Heritage.
    • Students are further encouraged to add their own voice as part of this ongoing conversation.