CMAS Testing Information

During the month of April 2018, The Vanguard School will be administering the CMAS tests in accordance with state law.   You can view a copy of the testing schedules here:
Grades 3-6 Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
Grades 7-8 Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format
Grades 9-11 Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format

This year's tests will again be delivered to our students via the traditional paper/pencil approach.   We use this testing method instead of the computer-based approach because it has the following positive attributes:
  • Students testing on paper instead of the computer allows more data privacy for your child.
  • Students feel more confident testing with paper and pencil, minimizing anxiety and maximizing their performance.
  • Students get to stay in their classrooms to test, a familiar and comfortable environment.
In accordance with Vanguard policy, parents or guardians of a Vanguard student may request that their child be exempt from participating in these state assessments.   Parents who wish to have their child excused from the state assessments can pick up an Opt-Out form from the front office of their child's building, or you may download a copy of the form here. (Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format)  The Opt-Out form must be filled out and turned in in person to your child's building front office.   Completed opt-out forms need to be turned in to the front office of the child's building prior to the testing.  For parents who choose to exempt their child from this testing, we encourage them to keep their child home during the days/times of testing.

Click here to view the State Program Assessments Exemption Procedures and Information for Parents/Guardians. (Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Format)

Thank you for your support.