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Summer School Dress Code: (parent/parents must read and acknowledge)

· Clothing must be clean and free of holes and tears.

· No t-shirts are allowed.

· Male students must have a collar.

· Female students must wear approved blouses or collared shirts. Visit - Uniform Policy for any specific concerns.

· Apparel advertising tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances, and/or offensive slogans is not acceptable attire at school or school-sponsored activities. Clothes making statements with sexual innuendos are not allowed.

· The wearing of clothing, jewelry or a style of grooming that is identified with membership in a gang will not be tolerated in school or at any school-sponsored activity. Apparel that interferes with or endangers self or others while participating in school or school-sponsored activities is not allowed.

· No undergarments may show at any time, nor should they be worn as outer garments.

· Pants and shorts cannot be made out of denim or any other jean material.

· Pants and shorts must fit the waistline or low waist. Ultra low-rise waistlines are not allowed.

· Shorts and skirts must be no higher than 3 inches above the knee, mini-shorts/skirts are not allowed.

· Pants and shirts may not be excessively tight or show any descriptive lines of the body (not skin-tight.), this includes tank-tops.

· The final decision as to the safety or suitability of the clothing, hair, or jewelry will be left up to the summer programs coordinator.

I have read and fully understand Dress Code Policy (please initial here to acknowledge...   **