Poets Society

The Vanguard School’s Poets Society is a unique club that allows students to develop their creativity and their writing skills in a supportive, casual environment.  While celebrating self-expression, originality, and fun, club participants gather weekly to write and read poetry, as well as discuss and receive feedback on their individual poems and writing styles.

Instructor Information: 

Mrs. Kim Newberry, Junior and Senior Honors English Teacher.
Mr. Harrison Jackson, Assistant English Teacher. 

Grade Levels Eligible:

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the club.


$5.00 / year


Students bring pens and paper: Vanguard pays some entry fees for scholastic entries.

Time Commitment:

Once a week on Mondays, plus optional outside writing time.


Awards & Recognition:

Several of our poets have won Scholastic writing competitions and have been published in literary journals.