Outdoor Skills Club

Learn Wilderness Survival


Wilderness Expedition - The Vanguard School

Vanguard’s Outdoor Skills Club gives students the unique opportunity to learn survival skills.  Club participants learn important skills such as first aid and land navigation, and activities involve hiking, setting up/constructing shelter, and learning basic survival skills for being out in the wilderness.  

Club Objective

Students will get the opportunity for hands-on learning in:

  • Leave No Trace
  • Team Collaboration
  • Building a Proper Campfire
  • Make Fire without Matches 
  • Read a Map & Compass (Triangulation)
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Survival Shelter 


Learn to read a map and compass

Instructor Information: 

Mr. Nathan Hoepner, Faculty Advisor. His outdoor experience includes a career in the U.S. Army, specific skills include field first aid, land navigation, improvised shelter construction, hiking, and use of firearms. Personal experiences outside of the Military include rock climbing (indoors and out), archery, and some training in edible/medical plants of the Rocky Mountains area. 

Grade Levels Eligible:

All high school grade levels.



$25 / year, payable by the end of the first semester.

Learn to build a campfire


Participants provide their own gear for some events (camping, etc) and the club provides materials in other cases (compasses and maps for land navigation training, for example). 

Learn to read a map and compass

Learn how to cook in the wilderness

Time Commitment: 

The Outdoor Skills Club meets weekly on Thursdays during Activities Period. Club events often take place on weekends since they are longer duration activities, such as our annual overnight lightweight backpacking trip, fishing trips, etc.

Learn to build a wilderness shelter