Matchwits JR High

Instructor Information: 

Mrs. Cindy Duff, 8th Grade English Teacher, coaches the Jr. High Matchwits team. Mrs. Duff has been involved in Matchwits for ten years at the Vanguard School.

Grade Levels Eligible:

Students in grades 7-8 are eligible to participate in the club.




All equipment and supplies are provided. Students are sometimes responsible for transportation and food at competitions.

Time Commitment:

  • The club practices once a week, during lunch or after school for 30 minutes.
  • Four matches during the course of the school year. Scores are cumulative over 4 matches. 
  • The competition season ranges from October to February.



The Jr. High Matchwits team has taken first place in 9 out of 10 seasons of competition.


Additional Information:

Students need to try out for the team and meet grade requirements (C or better in all core classes) to compete.