Junior High Student Council

The Junior High Student Council is comprised of Vanguard School students in Grades 7 and 8, elected by their peers early in the school year.  The Council includes four officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and one homeroom representative for each of the students' homerooms.  Junior High School faculty members Miss Natasha Garrison and Mr. Land Tande serve as the staff advisors to the Junior High Student Council.

The focus of the Council is:
  • To foster a spirit of cooperation among students and faculty
  • To promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school
  • To develop good citizens and leaders through experience in government
  • To provide a means for student expression
  • To encourage student involvement
  • To promote school spirit
  • To represent and make decisions on behalf of the interest of the student body
The Council discusses many issues throughout the school year and supports exciting student projects and initiatives, such as Jr. High dances (Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines Day), and a Thanksgiving canned food drive.  Meetings are held once a week with all members, and information is communicated to each of the homerooms and throughout the student body.  The student body, in turn, has the opportunity to exchange ideas and offer suggestions through their homeroom representatives, to foster a healthy and productive dialogue which benefits the entire Junior High School program.

The members of the Junior High Student Council
for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Marinda Hughes
Vice President
Mia Chavez
Madison Morin
Evan Valenzuela
Homeroom Representatives
Name (Class) Name (Class)
Kam Bond (Blais)
Jaden Fuqua (McAlister)
Raina Fagans (Duff)
Kaitlyn Book (Nupen)
Asher Garvens (Fiedler) Alec Toney (Tande)
Kora Tande (Garrison) Grace Hanni (Thompson)
 Secretary of Defense: Kyle Schoonover
In Waiting: Amber Khederian

For more information on Junior High Student Council, please contact Miss Garrison by E-Mail at natasha.garrison@thevanguardschool.com, or Mr. Tande by E-mail at lane.tande@thevanguardschool.com .

Junior High Student Council Announcements