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Medical Documents and Forms for The Vanguard School

CO Allergy-Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (2015)
CO Immunization Exemption Form
CO Immunization Exemptions
CO School Asthma Care Plan (2015)
CO School-Required Vaccines
CO State Immunizations-Requirements Letter (2017-2018)
CO State Non-Medical-Personal Exempt Form (2017-2018)
Concussion Information
Contract for Students Carrying Inhalers and Epi Pens
Diabetes Care Information
Food Allergy Action Plan
Illness Guidelines - How Sick is Too Sick (From Children's Hospital Colorado)
Illness Guidelines for The Vanguard School
Kindergarten Immunizations Letter (2017-2018)
Medication Administration Guidelines (2013)
Medication Permit for the Vanguard School (2017-2018)
Migraine Health Care Plan
Parental Health Information Release
Pertussis Information and Guidelines for Schools and Child Care Settings (2013-2014)
School Guidelines for Managing Student with Food Allergies