Strategic Action Plan's Planning Process

The Vanguard School Strategic Planning Process

  • Facilitation and guidance in the planning process by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thad Wolfe
  • September 2016: Strategic Planning Meeting with Board of Directors
    • Informed by previous work already in progress and Admin Team input
    • Determined Vision and Goals
  • Continuous: Bi-weekly meetings with the Executive Director, Elementary Principal,
    Operations Director, and Business Manager
    • Determined supporting objectives
    • Assigned ownership of each objective
    • Have begun work on those objectives
    • Have begun work synchronizing the accomplishment of the objectives

Recent Accomplishments:
  • August 2015-2016: Comprehensive policy review by the Board
  • April 2016: Completed refinance in preparation to build new junior high building
  • Summer 2016: Moved fourth grade to Corona Campus
  • Summer 2016: Moved kindergarten into the main K-3 building
  • October 2016: Broke ground on the new junior high building
  • December 2016: Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) completed, presented, and Board-approved
  • March 2017: New junior high dome inflated